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Are you selling some products and you have too many customers? Don’t you have time to respond quickly to your customers or don’t want to waste time with junk messages? That’s not problem. Take advantage of Talkwai’s unique Artificial Intelligence algorithm and our flawless script to respond to your customers 24/7 automatically from your sites very easily. Share information about your products and do more. Add welcome messages and define the words you want. Prepare questions, create surveys, gather information, generate reports and see data. It all depends on your imagination!

This is a Whatsapp autmoation chat bot that offers dozens of features and functionalities. It saves your time by helping you get more done. Even if you’re not on your computer, you could send questions, support or welcome messages easily. Increase your sales. Get maximum performance from your support chat. Save time and effort with this plugin.

With this script, you don’t need to worry about support your customers.

What will happen in a nutshell?

  • Make an Artificial Intelligence for yourself
  • 24/7 Auto Chat
  • 24/7 Auto Sales
  • Do not miss potential clients
  • Boost your sales
  • Grow your business
  • Save your money – no need to hire A REAL staff
  • Save your time
  • No coding skill required
  • And more..

How it works

You can set up answers when your customers ask questions.
For example:
– When client typing “Hello”
– Bot say: Hello there! How can I help you?
– Client: I want to buy a gift for my son
– Bot: You can take a look at our products here [product link]
Really professional and powerful.

Hash :

add this after line 64 on home.php
$jsdata->status = ok;

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