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Service Open the Facebook account that is locked

Facebook administration system is the system of steats from all other social media accounts. The complexity of this system makes many users lose his account because it is considered to violate the TOS (Term of Service or Terms and Conditions) of Facebook use.

Losing an account can be a big disaster, if the account is associated (connected) with a fanspage used for a webites / business imaging page, and has had many likers obtained with difficulty.

A very sad and disappointed taste will also be felt if your Facebook account that has had many friends suddenly blocked without a clear cause.

Things that make us get dizzy about the closure of our Facebook account are: Facebook does not explain the reasons for closing the account. They just say "Your account has been disabled, if there are things that are unclear, please visit the FAQ", or just give us a description like this: "Your Facebook account is temporarily locked. If this account reflects the original identity, please help us verify it ".

Restore process Facebook account is not an easy case. However, even, it is very complicated and difficult. Therefore, for your interests too, we will say; If the Facebook account is not linked with your websites fanspage that has many likers, or if your Facebook account is only used to play, its better to make a new Facebook account.

However, if your Facebook account is very valuable to you, because you have saved a lot of family photos and memorable videos there, or because the account is linked with a fanspage where you have devoted a lot of costs to build The fanspage, or for other important reasons, our services are ready to help you to get the Facebook account back.

F. A. Q ******************************


  • only serves locked Facebook requested to guess photos of friends: We only serve the opening of a locked Facebook account, which to open it is needed to guess Photo of a friend. And not what was asked to send the official government document (KTP, passport, SIM,). Read more.
  • Account is not disabled: Your Facebook account is in a "locked" situation, not in the "Disable" concession. The disabled Facebook account cannot be recovered.
  • Email access and password: You have to give us an email and password that you use to create a Facebook account, so we can log in to your Facebook account to restore it from inside.
  • Knowing the password in your locked FB account: We cant serve you if you dont know your FB account password.
  • Does not serve hacking / hacking services / breaking into other peoples Facebook accounts: We only serve to open a locked Facebook account, and where the Facebook account is your own.
  • Please wait to wait: the process of restore this fb account requires a long time. Not from our side to process it. But, the facebook itself takes the fastest time of 3 days to validate the application to open this locked account.
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