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Please claim the warranty in less than 30 days. Do not use for spamming, scamming, fraud, or other criminal acts.

what you get inside the Student GitHub:

1. Ocean Digital Voucher 100 $

2. Namecheap + domain voucher. Me

3. Tech domain. Tech

4. Thermius

5. Education hosts

6. Next Tech

7. Microsoft Azure 100 $

8. Github Pro

can be seen other offers at

https: // education. Github. com / pack / offers

* Note :

-promo github can change whenever appropriate The GitHub policy

-We dont sell edu email so please prepare an email from you or if you want to make it by us

-If requires email verification Edu as long as the github can request to us

ready a lot of stock yes and there is a cheap promo also dont run out :)

F. A. Q ******************************

Q: How long is the process bro?

A: Directly processed if there is a notification bro

Q: How do you claim Feature GitHub?

A: Live Click and login

https: // education. Github. com / pack /

Q: Does this account be guaranteed?

A: Warranty after a successful login and after the email is replaced by the buyer

Q: Is this account legal ?

A: We register an account legally

Q: Is there a cheap account promo, bro?

A: During the post there is still there, there is still a promotion gan so please order the bro :)

* claim mandatory warranty 5:)

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