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now you can
Save 10GB files, 50GB, 100GB, 500GB can even be even greater with 1 account
Google Drive Unlimited GSUITE

Now you can save 10GB, 50GB, 100GB files, 500GB can even be even greater with 1 Google Drive Unlimited GSUITE account

facts about storage space Cloud Storage

With one large Cloud Storage you can store various types of files starting from videos, photos / pictures, MP3 music, documents, and various types of files that are very important.

That means you dont need to create a new account on various websites to get a limited Cloud Storage account with your email.

If you look around you, then many businesses or personal internet marketers are starting to reduce storing data on the hard drive or flashdisk because it is easily damaged or loss.

If your colleague requires your data immediately then you dont need to share links that potentially data you can spread freely without you knowing because you can control anyone who accesses it.

The problem is to have a super large online cloud storage

1. The free Cloud Storage provider site is usually limited to an average of 10-15 GB.

2. To get a larger Cloud Storage usually paid a monthly or per year subscription, on average ranging from $ 3 - $ 40 per month

3. There are sites that provide larger cloud storage but the risk of the file requires that it must be downloaded for a certain period of time (30-90 days) and if no one downloads within the period, the file will be automatically deleted.

4. The Cloud Storage provider site that offers large online storage services is usually not a super big site site so if the site goes bankrupt, it is likely that your files can be lost.

5. The security risk address of the file link is easily distributed and downloaded without you knowing the culprit.

Even though the large cloud storage is very much needed both for business or personal who does not want to bother buying a hard drive or flashdisk that is expensive up to millions.

Thats why I offer a super large Cloud Storage account.

Google Drive Unlimited is a Google Premium service that provides storage / storage space lender than Google Regular (Gmail). If a Google Regular account provides only 15 GB of storage space then Google Drive Unlimited is a Google Premium service that provides unlimited / unlimited storage space.

Google Drive Unlimited feature

1. Pretty one Google account

2. Super large storage / unlimited

3. Once pay without monthly or annual fees

4. Can request the username

5. Directly logged in from Google

6. File security is guaranteed

7. Can change the password

when you buy dont forget to write:

1. First name & last name =

2. Username =

3. Password =

Even though this unlimited Google Drive account is Lifetime, but if you break the S & K it can be banned.

Tips so as not to be banned from Google.

Avoid copying files that are too much at the same time.

Avoid uploading and downloading using the script or the like.

Avoid uploading files that are extensions. Exe, you should first be a form. RAR or. Zip

Dont have a word crack, pirated, activator, activation,

Dont upload files that are contrary to religious norms.

========================================= ===========

Why is the price more expensive than the other?

because you will get expensive value in the form of a GSUITE user account Google.

Email extension is not edu that is prone to banned.

Email extensions that you will get are 100% legal namely "UnlimitedFree. My. ID"

So, your email address later is "[email protected]"

F. A. Q ******************************

Is it really unlimited?

Yup is very true, Unlimited Storage

Can you request a username?

Can, Monggo wrote your best username.

Are there monthly / annual / additional fees in the future?

absolutely nothing, because Google Drive Unlimited (GSUITEs user account) is under our responsibility as the owner of the GSUITE admin account.

bro already tried your own unlimited storage test, and how many GB?

I personally have a storagenya test and now has 120 GB more.

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