15 RDP RAM 16 GB 6 CPU 320GB SSD

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Please claim the warranty in less than 30 days. Do not use for minning, hacking, flooding, or other criminal acts.

Because this is RDP shared / user so please use this RDP but dont use it for heavy programs like Minning that eat more CPUs.

and for storage dont store too much files that dont need because it will greatly charge another user.


may not be minning ( Violate Suspend!)

may not use RDP for vidio porn

not allowed spam on RDP

if it breaks there is no name refund!.

F. A. Q ******************************

Q: How long is the process?

J: 5 minutes bro

Q: How long is the RDP life bro?

J: 24-28 days (hanging hockey)

Q: How much speed bro?

j: up to 2 gpbs can be more

Q: warranty?

j: warranty only when RDP cannot be accessed first time to buy

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