Outside contact is NOT allowed?

As the title explains, we do not allow outside contact.

There are obvious reasons for this

  1. Buyers purchase through diShopper for protection. We monitor the payments, track the orders, watch the progress, and step in if an order is disputed.
  2. Scammers tend to ask buyers to contact them through means other than the discussions through diShopper.
  3. Asking buyers to contact you off of our website signals to us that you're trying to bypass our commission structure but still benefit from our advertising and brand name.

If you're caught sharing your Skype, Whatsapp, Facebook profile, etc. to buyers, so someone can contact you off of our website, we will warn you. Do it a second time and it will be an immediate ban.

This is non-negotiable.

We're all running our own businesses so we appreciate everyone that is successful and professional.

Thank you,